I will share with you the description of Anais Watterson, the lovely sister of the Gumball family, and I wish you a pleasant amigurumi crochet.

Viburnum Organica hand knitting rope;
1pc Pink (K787) color rope
1pc Red (K125) color rope
1pc White (K010) color rope
Small amount of black and white felt
Black embroidery floss
2 mm crochet hook
Fiber, Needle

MR Magic Ring
Ch Chain
Sl st slip stitch
Sc single crochet
Hdc half double crochet
Dc double crochet
Tr (or trc) triple (or treble) crochet
Inc increase (Add one or more stitches.)
Dec decrease (Eliminate one or more stitches.)
Turn Turn your work so you can work back for the next row.
Join Join two stitches together; usually done by working a slip stitch in the top of the next stitch.
Rep repeat (Do it again.)



Weave pink color with rope.

1) 8sc into Magic ring

2) (1inc, 1sc) * 4 = 12sc

3) 1inc, 4sc, 2inc, 4sc, 1inc = 16sc

4) 2inc, 4sc, 4inc, 4sc, 2inc = 24sc

5) (3sc, 1inc) * 6 = 30sc

6) (4sc, 1inc) * 6 = 36sc

7) (5sc, 1inc) * 6 = 42sc

8) (6sc, 1inc) * 6 = 48sc

9-12) 48sc

13) 8inc, 4sc, 8inc, 28sc = 64sc

14-18) 64sc

19) 8dec, 4sc, 8dec, 28sc = 48sc

20) (6sc, 1dec) * 6 = 42sc

21) (5sc, 1dec) * 6 = 36sc

22) (4sc, 1dec) * 6 = 30sc

23) (3sc, 1dec) * 6 = 24sc

24) (2sc, 1dec) * 6 = 18sc

25) (1sc, 1dec) * 6 = 12sc

We fill it with fiber. We do not close it because it will merge with the body. We make the eyes last, cut the eyes off the felt.

Ears (2 Pieces)

Weave pink color with rope.

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc = 12sc

3) (1sc, 1inc) * 6 = 18sc

4) (2sc, 1inc) * 6 = 24sc

5-9) 24sc

We’re starting to fill fibers.

10) 6dec, 12sc = 18sc

11) 7dec, 4sc = 11sc

12-16) 11sc

We’re sewing the ears to the head like in the picture.

Feet and Body

We start knitting from the feet, continue filling, we will finish on the neck.

We start with white color rope. At the end of each row we pull 1 chain and go to the top.

1) 6Ch

2) (1inc, 2sc) * 2 = 8sc, sl-st

3) (2inc, 2sc) * 2 = 12sc, sl-st

4-5) 12sc, sl-st

6) 3sc, 4dec, 1sc = 8sc, sl-st

7-9) 8sc, sl-st

We’re going on a pink rope.

10-14) 8sc

We have knitted the foot and leg, we continue to knit the second piece.

We combine the right and left legs without a chain, a total of 16sc and we continue to weave spirally without chain pull.

15-24) 16sc

25) (2sc, 1dec) * 4 = 12sc

26-27) 12sc

Without closing the head with the neck we finished with 12sc 12sc’i sewing to coincide.


Red weave with color rope. Hi sooner we leave at the end as well as top pull one chain.

1-2) 14sc into Magic ring

3) (1sc, 1inc) * 7 = 21sc

4) 21sc

5) (2sc, 1inc) * 7 = 28sc

6) 28sc

Combine with the counter-stitch. We start knitting the whole dress. You can use the stitch identifier .

7) (3sc, 1inc) * 7 = 35sc

8) (4sc, 1inc) * 7 = 42sc

9) (5sc, 1inc) * 7 = 49sc

10-15) 49sc

We’re putting the dress on. We’re sewing the part that remains open until the fourth row. We’re gonna sew the sleeves through the dress. We will process the collar with white rope.

Handles (2 Pieces)

We start with pink color rope.

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2-3) 6sc

White color on the rope.

4) 6sc

We’re moving on the red rope.

5-10) 6sc

We fill them lightly.


Weave white color with rope .

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc = 12sc

3) 12sc

We fill it lightly and sew it on your face. You can manipulate the nose with a pink rope.

You can cut and sew the eyes from the felt as in the visual or you can process with rope.